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9 Tips For Flat Stomach

9 tips for Flat Stomach

By Brijmohan Mishra

Want a flat Stomach? Say a big ‘NO’ to these nine things. 

Everyone desires a flat stomach but achieving that desire is very tricky. It becomes difficult because of bad food habits and wrong life style. Undisciplined eating habits and lack of exercise makes the situation worse. A grown tummy grows further and never comes back to flat status. Here I am recommending six eating habits to maintain your tummy flat -


1. Say ‘NO’ to Dairy Foods

Say a big NO to all dairy foods as they tend to bloat the stomach. Avoid consuming milk in tea or coffees rather use green tea or black tea/coffee. Milk also has a tendency to create gastric problem. If you tend to have dairy product, only two things you can take – butter milk and yogurt. That also in very limited quantity.


2. Say ‘NO’ to Processed Foods

Processed foods are not really healthy and they tend to stick on your stomach. They are less with fiber and mostly come with added color and preservatives. All these tends to create extra fats and pounds that you really don’t want.


3. Say ‘NO’ to Refined Sugar

Reduce the consumption of refined sugar as much as possible. Sugar causes Insulin resistance which creates metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Refined sugar makes the body acidic and badly affects the digestive system. It is known that acidic body is breeding ground for deceases. So avoid cold drinks, packaged fruit juice with added sugar etc.


4. Say ‘NO’ to Salt 

White salt (Sodium Chloride) usually creates cellulite which makes you gain more weight as it minimizes the water in the organism and limits natural digestion.


5. Say ‘NO’ to Spicy food

Consumption of oily and spicy food irritates the stomach. Spice has a tendency to store fat inside the stomach. Oily food causes digestion problem. Spice are generally hot in nature and generate heat inside the body, which is again a big reason for many diseases.


6. Say ‘NO’ to Alcohol

Alcohol work as antithesis for a flat stomach. If you can not avoid Alcohol, than just forget about the flat stomach.  Alcohol is like jet fuel for the body. The body prefers to burn alcohol first when its available in the body before fat or carbohydrates. Various research has proven that the body’s fat burning ability shuts down in the presence of alcohol.


7. Say ‘NO’ to Junk food

Say big NO to any junk food. Junk foods are mostly prepared by maida (finely grounded wheat floor) and saturated oils. They create indigestion problem. Also the calorie content is very high.


8. Say ‘NO’ to White Bread

Most of the bakery items and white breads are made of finely grinned wheat floor. They are full of carbohydrates and tendency to stuck in side the stomach, causing indigestion.


9. Say ‘NO’ to Overeating

One of the major reasons for fat over stomach is overeating. Over eating results excess calories, indigestion and gastric problem.


Though its challenging to get a flat stomach but by following above direction and a daily exercise for 45 min will defiantly bring the results.


Brij Mishra

9 tips for Flat Stomach

Posted By Brijmohan Mishra,  Posted on 20th Apr 2017      0 − Comments