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I Lost 6 Kg

I lost 6 Kg

By Priya Mathur

How to lose 6 kgs in 45 days, without any medicine, Do you want to know?

Gaining weight is very easy as compared to losing weight. Present life style is one of the main reasons for weight gains. Working for long hours, eating junk foods, consuming tea and coffee multiple times, lack of exercise and work pressure are some of the factors for gaining weight. I was also living the same life. One fine day I realized that I am 12 kg overweight and my consulting doctor advised me to lose at least 10 kgs. I consulted one dietitian who interviewed me to understand my eating habits and suggested some of the corrective measures. Some of my friends suggested me some medicines, my friends and well wishers suggested me some food supplements etc.  After taking all inputs, I did my own research. And finally designed my own strategy.

And the result was amazing. I lost 6kgs in 45 days. That also without a single medicine or weight loss supplement. I would like to share my experience here –

1. Brisk Walking – I started a regular 45 min to one hour brisk walking in the morning or evening as per my convenience. This goes for six days. But on Saturday or Sunday I used to walk for 8 to 10 km in two hours. Here I used to stretch myself. One point here I would like to mention that I preferably used morning hours to get exposed with Sun light also.

2. Exercise – Other than walking I spent 20 to 30 min on Gymnasium, working out some cardio and weight exercise on daily basis.

3. Pranayaam – Along with walking and exercise I spent 20 to 30 min doing some yoga and pranayaam. I practiced Anulom – Vilom, Kapal Bharati and Bhramari. These are very relaxing and energizing. One point here I would like to mention that I preferably used an open space in morning hours to get exposed with Sun light also.


4. Bye Bye to some of my favorites – I made a list of items which I will avoid to consume. They were rice, potato, bread (white bread), sugar, sweets, biscuits and any other spicy food. I also started taking tea or coffee without sugar.

5. Veggies Snacks in the Morning – I started taking fruits and vegetable in the morning for snacks. Apple, sweet lime, peers and oranges were the part of my fruit selection. Here I ensured that the fruit should have less sugar content, less carbohydrates and Citrus Fruits. For salads I used broccoli, salads, cucumber, carrots and tomatoes.


6. Light lunch and Dinner -   I started taking very light lunch and dinner.  Two chapattis(made of multi grain atta), a bowl of curd, one bowl of daal and some green vegetables for lunch and 1 chapatti with two bowls of green vegetables for dinner.


7. More water Intake – I started consuming more water whenever I felt hunger or thirsty. My day starts with two glass of lukewarm water with lemon in empty stomach. In fact I replaced some of my tea or coffee routines with green tea or lemon water.

8. No Junk Food – I tried to avoid any king of junk food, like pasta, burger, pizza etc. As much as possible avoid eating outside spicy food.

A 45 days routine helped me to bring my weight 6kg less. A pleasant surprise for me. You can also try, and believe me you will also be surprised with the results.


Priya Mathur

I lost 6 Kg

Posted By Priya Mathur,  Posted on 1st May 2017      0 − Comments