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What Foods Does Your Baby Like?

What foods does your baby like?

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Is your baby fussing at meal times? Try adding these 5 foods to encourage her to eat.

Researchers determined average sodium and potassium intake during two phases of a study known as the Trials of Hypertension Prevention.

Getting kids to eat can be really difficult, especially if you have a fussy baby. So many mothers are at their wits’ ends trying to figure out how to give their child nutritious food which is also tasty. Thankfully, there are some foods that almost all babies like, and adding these in regular meals can encourage them to finish even the last bite.


I am yet to hear of a baby who does not like the taste of bananas. This food meets both targets - nutrition and taste. In addition, it is easy to digest and helps the bowels function properly. Bananas contain low sodium and high potassium, making them very good for the heart. It is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin C, and vitamin B6--all of which are important for good growth. Very low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol make bananas a safe food for babies as young as six months. If your baby has an upset tummy, giving him bananas can help slow things down.



Apples are great foods that can be given to babies as part of their first semi-solid diet. Great to stall loose stools, the sweet taste of apples makes them an ideal food to be added to other foods, such as rice or ragi, to enhance their acceptance. Apples are rich in the soluble fiber known as pectin. According to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, the consumption of pectin fiber helps prevent cancer and reduces cholesterol levels. Thus, eating apples is good for the baby’s future health. Apples are also a good source of vitamin C, which helps keep bones and teeth strong and aids in wound healing.



The sweet taste of yellow pumpkin makes it a hit among babies. A steamed and pureed preparation is ideal for young babies and can be added to khichdi for a nutritious meal. Rich in vitamin A, it helps promote healthy eyesight. It is also rich in vitamin C. An interesting benefit of giving pumpkin to your baby is that it will protect against infection by parasites.


Semolina porridge, with or without fruits and vegetables, is a good food for babies that helps them gain weight. It is rich in potassium, vitamin E, the B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus. It is light on the stomach, yet filling enough to keep the baby satisfied for a while.

Moong dal

The first lentil to be introduced to babies is moong dal because it is easily digested. It is considered an ideal weaning food, due to its taste as well as its nutritious quality. Doctors suggest moong dal water to be given to babies to prevent constipation. The protein and fiber content of moong dal helps babies grow strong.


What foods does your baby like?

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