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Say NO To These 5 White Edible

Say NO to these 5 White Edible

By Priya Mathur

Now a day’s more and more people are getting health conscious. Wellness has taken over the cure. More and more people are going for annual preventive health checkups. Technology has made this easier to diagnoses the symptoms of probable chronic diseases. Which make the cure possible even before the disease appears in the human body. But the kind of life style we are enjoying is making us more prone to life style diseases. Unhealthy food, irregular sleep, lack of physical activity etc are the main reason for obesity, anxiety, hyper tension, blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Here I am offering some simple food discipline to keep the weight, blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol in control and avoid life style diseases. Say NO to these five white edibles because the knowledge of disadvantages of these edibles will motivate you to do that.

1. Refined Sugar – Stop or minimize the consumption of refined sugar in any form. One of the most important reason to stop consuming sugar is they are high in calories and not filling at all. Which make it tempting to over consume and the result is weight gain. Sugar increases the aging process in the body and weakens the immune system. Sugar promotes excessive and inappropriate inflammation which promotes aging and diseases. Also sugar promotes glycation and raises insulin level in body which is very harmful and leads to diabetes.


2. White Rice – Basically rice is not that harmful as it is understood. There are various advantages of eating white rice like – a good source of energy, zero cholesterol and low in sodium. But due to the modern refining process to improve the self life the rice grains are refined up to the extent that they loose 95% of their nutrition, vitamins and minerals. That is the reason it is advised not to consume or less consumption of white rice. The advantages of ‘NOT-Eating’ white rice is as follows –


  • - It keeps blood sugar level in control.

  • - It keeps type II diabetes away

  • - Helps to keep check in weight gains caused by high amount of carbohydrates present in it

  • - Due to lack of fiber, it may cause constipation, which can be avoided.

  • - Stay away from obesity because the starch in white rice is highly viscous which increases the burden on stomach.

Also white rice lacks vitamin B1which can cause mental retardation and fatigue. White rice is highly acidic food which makes our body acidic. Acidity is one of the main reasons for various diseases.

3. Potato – Potatoes are most widely cultivated and popular food across the world. They are high carb food provide fast energy. But they are also high in Glycemic Index(GI) so that may not provide lasting fuel to the body. Although they provide significant amount of nutrients, vitamins, fiber and potassium, they cause adverse effect if consumed in heavy quantity with lots of oils. The disadvantages of potato is as follows –


  • - They are fat free but have starchy carbohydrates with very little protein. Due to high GI potato increases the blood sugar level and insulin and increase risk of type II diabetes.

  • - As they don’t provide lasting energy, increases the hunger frequently. The result is higher tendency of eating finally results in weight gains.

  • - Starch present in potato stimulates gas during digestion. That creates gastrointestinal Effects.

4. White Salt – WHO estimates that the current global average intake of salt is 10gm/ day however the recommended is only 6 gm/day. Salt is needed in the body. Sodium available in the salt regulates the volume of fluid in the body. But high salt intake can cause high blood pressure. Hypertension causes stroke, heart attacks and other ailments related to heart. High salt intake is also responsible for osteoporosis. There is also increasing evidence of a link between high salt intake and stomach cancer, obesity, kidney diseases, vascular dementia, asthma and water retention.


5. Maida Flour – Maida is a slow poison. It created by removing the bran and germ from the wheat, which contains 76% of the vitamins and minerals. In removing these parts, 97% of fiber is also lost. At this point, the product only holds less nutritional value. After that there are many things that are added such as chlorine dioxide, potassium bromated emulsifiers, ammonium carbonate, alum, chalk, alloxen and sorbitan mono-saturate. Maida is high GI food which releases sugar in to the bloodstream quickly. To counter these pancreases releases instant insulin spike, which later results to Type II diabetes. Also the access glucose in sugar is stored by body as fat, which leads to obesity. Maida also leads to peptic ulcer and gallbladder decease. Eating Maida also increases bad cholesterol (LDL) resulting many health issues like weight gain, high blood pressure, mood swings.


Maida also creates digestive issues. It is called as ‘glue of the gut’. When eaten in the form of snacks pasta, bread, pizza or burger etc, it all turns to glue in the intestine. Since it is without fiber, congest the system. This further slows down the digestion by creating sluggish metabolism. It can often be the cause of stress, headache, migraines and weight gains.

Friends the list is endless. But rest assured about the benefits of saying NO to these five WHITE EDIBLES.

Priya Mathur

Say NO to these 5 White Edible

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